Creality K1 max or k1

Does someone knows or experimented about the use of K1 Max with Cura slicer?
There is no printer settings yet in Cura.
There are nice features in the Creality slicer but I am used to Cura and is more flexible.

I haven’t tried this yet but Matt posted a profile

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Thank you Matthew, I got the files.
I put a copy of the 3mf files with the others in the Cura program with no effects. Could you guide me for the installation of the files? The Crealiy slice sometime does weird things. I cant wait for Cura.
I thank you very much again.

Hi there,

Sorry you had a couple of problems, let me try sending you over another copy of the 3mf to try out. All you will want to do is go to Files> Open File(s) and then open the downloaded 3mf file. Make sure that it has been extracted before doing this. Then a popup window should come up, you will want to select the blue “Open as Project” button. This should import all of the settings that you need.

Sidenote, I am using version 5.3.1 of cura and I haven’t tried these profiles with any newer versions yet which could potentially cause issues.

Here is the link for the fresh 3mf

If you run into any issues please let me know!

DO NOT BUY this printer; i did and it turns out it was an 800 $USD trash resident;
my hot end thermistor broke and replacing the hotend is impossible;
screws WAY too small in angles impossible to see or reach;
i took all the side panels off and still couldnt see the target bolt holes;
threw the whole thing out;
now that bamboo lab has finally fixed an industry-wide problem with their A1 hotend and nozzle replacement system, these old dinosaurs like the k1 max will all be in the trash once people try to fix them