Creality Large enclosure for CR10-Smart Pro and PLA oopsie

Ok… new lesson learned this week. In addition to the probs with keeping the ABL and actual bed adjusments in sync, I had a fit of … organization?? and cleaned up space on a table in my office, and assembled, and moved the printer into a Creality large enclosure, as eventually I do want to get around to printing ASA for some parts to go on my recumbent trike.

tried it with everting all zipped up… hooo boy. started the print at 7 pm. checked it at 7 am after getting dressed to go to the office… the stink of overwarm pla and lord knows what clung to me all freaking day. Yah, half the print failed but oddly it looked like it might somehow keep going, but given this is a massive one piece print, (Master Chief Helm) I didn’t want to risk it. I’ve since decided to revise my approach and am moving to a different model that will require assembly. Just need to get all the layer lines running the same way because I’m being silly and going to do it in a two tone silk pla.

So, now, if I want to keep a micro climate, I realize I need to build an air filtration system, that’s a) able to vent heat and also b) return filtered but warm air back to the chamber depending on if I’m printing PLA, PETG, ABS or ASA or…whatever, and it’s going to need to be quiet. Thankfully the Creality enclosure has two very large velcro access panels. I think some creative thinking will get me there… 6 inch duct… hrmmm…

well, now I know. phew. do I ever know…

Good to hear you are liking your enclosure. I am waiting for a enclosure to become available that will fit my CR M4.

Yeah usually I recommend keeping the door cracked when printing in PLA, just makes it so much easier