Creality Laser Falcon programs for MacOS

I have the Creality Laser Falcon and I am wondering if there is any software for this Laser on MacOS.
All help is appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you go to about this Mac (menu under the apple logo) and either get system setting (new systems) or just a window with specs. There is at the bottom of both a place where it will say More info (system report depending on version)

This opens the system information panel. On the right select USB (assuming it is connected and on with the USB cable) and see if it appears under the usb tree.

It is highly likely that it will not. This usually means there is no driver in the system for it and although Creality often say it is Mac compatible it isn’t. They might have a driver but I would not bet on it.

If there is no driver (it will list as a USB devise but no information of what it actually is) you will need to do everything from the Card, offline so to speak.

I don’t have specific info on this unit but Many 3d printers behave this way. There is no driver or there is a 3rd party driver that is a bit of a chore to install.

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If I was to do it offline is their any programs you would recommend for this laser? If so that would help a lot.

They only laser cutter I use is a big industrial unit. I use illustrator files. I have no idea what that unit will read. I am sorry I can answer that for you.

Lightburn laser software has a macOS version of their program. Hope this helps.


Hhhm, is there any free programs that are not just a free trial of the actual product?

I’m using lightburn and it is every bit worth the price.
Not sure of anything else for mac.

Only other software I can think of is Inkscape for Mac and their laser plugin. Not sure how well it works though have never used it.

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Well that is very interesting. Learn something new. Thank you.

Glad to help, like I mentioned I haven’t used it myself. I’m a Mac user myself but I found a lot of my projects seemed to require windows software so I bought a cheap laptop. Let me know if it works.

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