Creality LD-006 problems

This is the problem I am having. I get this when I try to print a model the size of a 40k space marine. I did have a good print of a smaller item. What is going on.


The first little bit looks pretty good, Is it supposed to continue that pattern all the way up?

How many hours are on this printer?

My first Knee jerk reaction is the LCD issue, Maybe a fan is not cooling the decoder board and the LCD is not working properly when it overheats. To be honest everyone here knows that I am not a resin person however as with FDM, Back to basics would be my first step.

Print an old Gcode file that you know worked a week or a month ago with the same resin and see if it’s successful.

If that fails don’t change anything except the resin, Mix stir and print. If that fails as well I would lean strongly towards screen. There really is not much in resin printers to really break.

If the test print is successful in step one, The support or slice has an issue. If it’s successful in the second step, Your resin is the cause.