Creality Mainboard Version Tracking Information

Mainboard Version tracking Creality Printers


I notice you have the Ender 5 and 5Pro lumped together. Could they be separated out? Was there ever a 5Pro that didn’t have a silent board? Does Creality actually make a 5Pro with a 32 bit controller? For that matter, can I assume that the more modern 32Bit boards would also be silent?

I ask because I have the 5Pro, I’m curious as to what board I have, and I’m being lazy and don’t want to take it apart.

Hey Lego

I actually got most of this info from a Creality Sales contact, I have added to it over the last couple of years with my own observations. The 5/5pro came from her. I cannot say 100% what was in the 5 over the pro. If I haven’t been able to verify it I don’t want to change it up too much.

I heard a rumor on other forums that a rare ender 5 pro still had an 8 bit board in it. I am not sure how much that is worth or why it may have happened but I am assuming chip shortage.