Creality or E3D hot end - Printable STL file looking

HI Everyone

Just wondering if anyone has come across a printable version of a Creality MK8 or E3D hot end.

I am doing a lot of explaining how to put hot ends together and I’m looking for an instructional aid that I can use on a video to explain how the hot end works. I know there are several out there but also want to be able to print it at 2 or 300% so I can explain it better to customers in-store.

Was going to design one and print it but if someone knows where there is one Makes my life easier

I know CHEP used one maybe he would share the files!

There is a few model of the e3d hot end at a certain point they are the same.

Have you seen the dragon one that’s around? I’ve had it for a while I’m surprised the ones you want aren’t out there already.

I could use the dragon not a problem, Just based on new/young users I am trying to get it to look as close to what they will see in their machines as possible. I’m going to print 2 of them, one complete and one on 50% so they can see internally how the nozzle, Throat, Bowden tube and filament all interact with each other. Going to be a lot of info in it just trying to make it easy to understand

well, i have it if you don’t already.

I will take it for sure, Can never hurt to have more printed than I need.

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that’s perfect, thanks @kitedemon

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