Creality pla, any issues or thoughts?

Any thoughts?
I was using the spool that came with my printer, and it seemed to jam up in the extruder alot. I lost 3 prints because of it. Switched spools to a different brand and loosened my extruder tension and it seemed to solve the problem, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have done both at the same time as I dont know which action fixed the issue.

HI Benchy

I generally have success printing with the creality filament.

If the tension is too tight and the filament gets a little warm (soft) it can crush it and cause extrusion issues.


Ive used several rolls of black creality pla and in my experience it prints nice. Ive not had any extrusion issues or tangled rolls and I would not hesitate in using it again. Printed on Anet A8, CR10 and Chiron.

I’ve seen a lot of people bashing the sample filament included with 3D printers. They seem to bash it on the assumption that the manufacturer is going to provide the cheapest filament possible to maximize profit. They don’t seem to think about the fact that it is no way beneficial to the manufacturer to give new users a bad first experience. That just makes for a bad reputation.
In my case, the Creality PLA printed perfectly.
Good for you, by the way, for recognizing that you changed two variables. It’s amazing how many people change multiple variables then blame everything that goes wrong on only one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I dont mean to be bashing. After I started having issues I was online looking for solutions and came across several reviews (Amazon, some independent sites) saying that the filament was of uneven quality and dia. Thought I’d see what people have to say here.

I dont usually change more then one thing at once, but I was getting frustrated.

@Benchy I agree with your thought, I think the filament that comes with it would have to be pretty good, Never actually thought of that before, If the first print fails you would start with a negative experience.

I honestly cannot think of any failure I have ever gotten out of an included roll. Unless I used it in a machine that had a mechanical failure (usually of my own doing)