Creality Print Slicer v4.3.3

I much prefer to use the latest CURA slicer but it appears that Creality is making it much more difficult to use CURA with their printers in the Creality Cloud.

I had bought a creality Box 2.0 and camera so I could monitor my printer with my phone where ever I was and have the ability to abort the print if there was an issue. It worked great until Creality recently upgraded the Cloud App to 5.0. Now there are very specific rules on how the slice files need to be presented to the cloud and nothing will work from CURA anymore. I can connect my laptop directly to the printer and print from CURA but I lose the remote monitoring ability.

So I thought OK I will try their new slicer Creality Print v4.3.3. Well it does work well with the cloud but the software is very buggy. I set my ender 3 S1 PLUS up with the default settings from the software. Even if I use their default 2.0 profile it moves the x axis and the y axis to zero after every layer and waits about 3 seconds before starting the next layer. This is a huge time loss during the print.

Also I normally change the end of print g-code in the printer setting to move the plate out to y:300 instead of the default at y:0. This simply moves the bed all the way out so I don’t have to pull it out. (ya I am lazy - lol). This will not work if I change the settings in the printer default settings. it is a real PIA to get any support from Creality lately.

So I would like to hear how anyone else sets up so they can monitor and control remotely. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Update… I figured out what was causing the set x&y to 0 at each layer. My camera was defaulted to take a pic at each layer with the nozzle out of the way. Changed it to not move the nozzle when the pic was taken and all is good now for that part.

The other issue is still work in progress.

ahh, ic, nice to know, funny how sometimes those camera options sneek up on ya.

I have come up with a simple work around that now allows a slice from CURA to appear in the Creality cloud.

Place these lines below in your machine start code settings in CURA and then slice and save to the cloud. Your slice will then appear in the cloud. It must be something that the cloud looks for when checking the file as it works.

;----------Machine Config--------------
;Machine Name:Creality Ender-3 S1 Plus

Just change the Machine name to match yours. Working for me every time now.

There are still a few bugs in Creality’s conversion from the G-Code to the cloud mainly 2 that I know about. There may be others.

1 - placing a single g29 in the machine start code results in doing the auto level 3 times instead of 1. I have been fighting with them over this one for over 2 months now.

2 - I just recently found out about this one as I mentioned it above. Change the end of print g-code in this line of the printer machine settings G1 X0 Y0 ;Present print to G1 X0 Y300 ;Present print to move the plate out to y:300 instead of the default at y:0. This simply moves the bed all the way out so I don’t have to pull it out. This doe not work from the cloud. It does work if I print through USB port directly to the printer but then I lose the ability to monitor my print.

So much fun dealing with Creality. NOT!!!