Creality Resin Combo for sale

New out of box Creality Halot Pro, Creality UW 02 Wash and cure Station & 5 bottles of resin. $1000 Firm

Bought within 3 months. Paid over $1700CD. All new, opened but not plugged in, nor set up. Still under warranty. Purchased directly from Creality USA.

I spent alot of time PLA printing and building the perfect large enclosure, with HEPA ventilation. Then did some serious reading. Finally felt prepared and confident enough went to a friend’s place so he could show me how to set-up, use his printers, firmware, slicers etc. I had a severe allergy while there and discovered resins cause me laryngeal swelling… so I’ll just stick with my prusa and walk away from resin. Will toss in new silicone mats. London Ontario No shipping.

For sale is a Creality Halot Pro 3D printer, a Creality UW 02 Wash and Cure Station, and five bottles of resin. The package is being sold for $1000 and was purchased within the last three months for over $1700CD. Everything is new, unopened, and still under warranty. The items were purchased directly from Creality USA.

The seller spent a lot of time building a large enclosure with HEPA ventilation and doing research on 3D printing with resin. However, during a visit to a friend’s house, the seller had a severe allergic reaction to the resin, causing laryngeal swelling. As a result, the seller has decided to stick with their Prusa printer and walk away from resin printing.

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The package also includes new silicone mats and is located in London, Ontario. The seller is not offering shipping and the price is firm at $1000.