Creality Sonic Pad power button not latching

Morning everyone,
New member, but been printing at home for 7 years and at work for 5.
Have a Creality Sonic Pad driving my home farm, but ran into an issue this morning.
Bought it on February 6th last year, so all of 8 days out of warranty, of course. Emailed Creality anyway because I’ve heard they can be pretty good, but they’re on Chinese New Year break until February 17th.
So I tried to cycle the power this morning, but I can no longer get the power to stay on. As long as I’m holding the button in, things progress but as soon as I let go… power-off. The satisfying “cha-chink” when I press the button, presumably a mechanical latch engaging, is no longer happening.
Anyone know if this is something that can be easily user serviced? Without a Sonic Pad, I’m going to have to reinstall the base firmware on my printers - not a prospect I’m looking forward to.

You would need a new button for it. They are generally pretty easy to get ahold of, although I don’t know the exact model of button they are using.

Once you have this you would need to unsolder the old one and solder the new one back on.


Thanks Matthew. I was afraid of that. I have the ability to do it, but it’s not something I really want to do. Guess I’ll be relying on a piece of tape until I hear from Creality!

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Hopefully they can give you some good news! Let me know how it goes.

You could also print a small piece the size of the hole which will help to hold the button into place as well.