Creality Wifi Box

With the release of the new firmware, you are apparently now able to connect a H.264 model webcam. So I upgraded the firmware on the creality wifi box. I connected the webcam and the activity light came on. So the camera seems to be connected to the box but how do you actually view the feed or stream from the camera.Can someone please explain and elaborate on the procedure.One fellow actually got a regular webcam to work with it
even though the Creality wifi firmware states that it will only work with a H.264 webcam and an in app live distance viewing whatever that means. BTW I also use pi and Octoprint but it would be nice if Creality support would step up and clarify this issue once and for all for all users and give a detailed explanation. If not the Creality Wifi box is somewhat useless when compared to Octoprint. My opinion.Creality has now announced a future update in two weeks to Creality Cloud that will allow you to connect a H.264 webcam and view the feed. I will believe it when I see it.

I’m actually doing a review of that product now as we speak. Once I’m done with the scripting and the editing it should be up, and boy was this an interesting review process. So no spoilers as yet, however just keep an eye out for the video near the end of the week. I’ll make sure to post the link here once it’s done.


Here’s the video link to the review. Creality Smart Kit - Creality Wifi box and Camera Kit I hope you find this useful…

@Yarkspiri again nice video production. Since my work suddenly had to be a large amount on line I have a new found appreciation of haw difficult and time consuming that is. The wifi box seems like a good idea with terrible execution. The proprietary nature of it is on the verge of offensive. Especially given so many 3d companies have fully open source and stand firm in the fully open source community. I personally dislike being forced to use new software with a hardware solution for an existing product. Especially so as most slicers are open source.

Print Different… really have an original idea, especially as they are barely mac comparable.


There’s a lot of issues with this device in particular. The one’s that I experienced along with the valid points that you brought up simply doesn’t make it attractive. To me, this seems like some executive who made a decision without understanding the community in general. They could have legitimately sold a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint and Octolapse already installed, and it would have been better received (so long as they were transparent about it). Better yet, I would have loved to see them work with the creator of Octoprint and Octolapse to help improve the experience and compatibility further.


Great video!
That final score 0/10 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :joy: LOL I couldn’t agree more.

I was one of the chumps who bought one early on to try out and i’ve only ever completed 1 print with it.
I already had two machines on Octoprint, but I wanted to try out the OEM offering and was it ever bad. As soon as I realised it wouldn’t actually hook it up to a webcam and that I couldn’t slice files on the fly I unplugged it and it’s sat idle since.

I can’t even think of another use for it. The user experience is so bad that I don’t even want to donate it to someone, it’s destined to eventually become an archery target unless I can find a better use.

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Some people are trying to find ways to hack it. I tried one method, and it didn’t work, however I’m hopeful that someone will get it working and post it.