Crealty ender 5 plus or cr-10 max

I am looking for a large 3d printer, currently have a Prusa Mk3s and I was looking for an affordable large format. The ender 5 plus and cr-10 max seem like the 2 most affordable one and I don’t want to spend 5000+ $ on a Gmax 2.

Just looking for input and recommendation.
Also open to other printer brand then Creality.


Hi @BilgeBoy

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the post.

You will get many options on that matter but I will chime in as well as I own both.

I use both regularly and print quality is similar. I prefer the 5 plus but maybe for an odd reason, because it sits closer to my computer. The desk space required for the max is large, mostly because of the moving bed, it requires alot of space off the wall to operate, for this reason I’ve had to put it on its own desk and allow the bed to swing over the edge.

The 5 plus once you put it together is the only space it requires. I tend to get a little more ringing on the max in the y direction and on the x in the plus, I can rotate the models to deal with it though.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply, I was expecting the larger space required for the max and also the ringing since its not as rigid as the cube shaped of the ender 5 which is my #1 choice as of now.
I do not need large format often, but the Prusa’s are just a little to small for some of the project I do and its a lot of work to do some print in 2 or 3 parts because it doesn’t fit the bed.
Anyway thanks for the input.

Moi j’ai une Cr10 et une Anycubic Chiron. Je suis très satisfait de ma Chiron pour les grands formats, c’est un bon rapport qualité prix.

Merci! je vais regarder la Anycubic.

Just watched a video about the Layerfused X501

Corexy 500x500x500.