Cura 5 download

Is the Cura 5.0 slicer download still the beta or is it a stable version now?

It’s the full version. I did download it but haven’t used it much, still using 4.13.1 mostly.

Cura 5 from what ive noticed is alright but not really worth the update, i havent really noticed a print time difference but i have noticed that it doesnt print in the correct order i set, example if i set it to print from the inside out it will do the innermost wall, then the outtermost wall then the filler walls, if you can accept that then its somewhat ok, ive even gone all the way to completely remove all of my profiles from cura 4.x.x to no success, ive had only ONE print that ive sliced work flawlessly with cura 5, im considering going back to cura 4 as it seemed to work better, cura 5 has other improvements but if your wondering if its truely worth it, i would say probably not.


I noticed a bit of weirdness when I did a few things with it but wasn’t sure if it was me, the slicer, the model, the printer and I couldn’t be bothered to figure it out. I sliced the same model with 4.x and it worked fine so I just shrugged and kept using it.

Yea I got fed up with Cura 5 being a cluster **** I’ve completely removed Cura from my PC, looking for a better slicer out there but can’t find any good ones I’ve even tried the prusa slicer and just hated it, I did try and liked the matterhackers slicer but it lacked features (or I couldn’t find them) tried slic3r but it wasn’t really user friendly, I did reinstall Cura 4.16 just to have something that kinda works. Still looking for a good free slicer that’s not Cura but works like a love child of Cura and mattercontroll

If you don’t like Cura or Prusa slicers then your kinda up the creek. There isn’t anyhting much better, at least not for free.

The only other one I have seen out there that I am kinda starting to like is Super Slicer. I use it just at home checking it out, at the office, I am still on Cura.

Super Slicer is a knock-off from PRUSA roots but they have cleaned up some of the interfaces and added a few extras.

For free slicers it’s kind a difficult nut to fetch.

I do wish that the extensions where ready to add to Cura 5, I use some of them a lot.

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