Cura add on from market place

So I like my big nozzle printer, it has a 1.2 nozzle now but I have other smaller sizes I’ll likely not use. It doesn’t make decorative stuff but it makes functional stuff quickly although straight-sided boxes look nice if you don’t mind ribs. it’ll do a 20mm xyz test cube in 5 minutes and I like that speed, the prints are stronger too.

So I wanted to tune it a bit better but I’ve always had this problem in Cura where they only have a handful of nozzles to choose from and the 1.2mm is not there. then I thought about worn-out nozzles I could bore out to larger sizes. so I looked for a way to add whatever size I wanted to the list for that printer profile instead of just changing line width like people normally say to do but discovered that it’s not that easy and also that line width is not the complete answer to getting the printer to print properly with unlisted nozzle sizes.

When you do that it’s still calculating from a .4 or whatever nozzle to make a 1.2mm line width. so I think this is why I always seem to get some over extrusion. prints look a little fat and swollen instead of crisp. So poking around I only found a single source that pointed out there is a “printer settings” that has a nozzle size setting and works on a per print basis so it’s marking the gcode to work. Cura can save settings to profiles too so if you use this be careful to preserve your original settings so you can go back. there is a lot here and not a lot of explanation of what all the options do. unfortunately, I was just making my first calibration part print using these settings when the power to my shop went out so I won’t be able to do anything with it until I can get an electrician here. Looks like an underground wire shorted out… in winter, after an ice storm where every electrician is crazy busy…

here are some screenshots of the settings available. maybe you can see something else that’s useful in there.

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