Cura and Arrange all models

I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. The “arrange all models” command seems particularly dumb. it worked for me once and I didn’t notice in the print that it wasting any time, but I ran this print a second time and noticed a few wasted movements between parts but I didn’t think much about it until I used the command again and the layout was crazy and couldn’t get all the parts on the plate properly so I ended up positioning them all by hand, Is there a trick I’m not seeing?

Cura recently made some changes to arrange all models, it works a lot better as of 4.7 or 4.8. In older versions it was wacky.

Thanks! I’m actually on 4.8 now heh

I’ve had similar results.

8 out of 10 it’s okay.

Sometimes it just wants to toss parts outside the build area to be spiteful.

Still way better than the Creality Cura!

Is Cura different for all the printers?

if any of you guys are using simplify 3D and need help post your help comments here and I will help answer them

No the software doesn’t care what printer you’re using, you just setup your machine parameters. There’s a lot included and you can download more. The one I downloaded for my Sidewinder even has a model of the Sidewinder to visualize the size of the printer model.

Thats interesting where do you go to see what’s available?

It tends to want to start from the center of the build plate and arrange parts outward in a spiral, which isn’t always optimal. I usually end up arranging the parts myself. If you have a brim, skirt or draft shield enabled, it won’t put parts so close to the edge that the brim, etc. can’t be placed although in the parts placement view, it doesn’t tell you that. Hence you can end up with parts placed outside the build area when you can clearly see there is room for them. It also won’t place parts within one another. That is, if you have large, medium, and small rings, it won’t place one within the other, which is perfectly valid, if they aren’t touching.
In the end, I almost always do the parts placement manually.

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