Cura and Retraction at the End of Print

Hello Everyone

So does anyone know if its possible or how to do retract a set amount at the end of the print using Cura 4.10?

I don’t have Cura open, so I hope I am referencing the right sections.

You can do it by clicking your printer name, then going to manage printer and machine settings.
From there it should let you alter the start and end G-Code for your prints.
In the end G-Code there should be a g-code line similar to: G1 E-1 F100; retract 1mm at speed of 100mms

If you adjust the number after the E it adjusts the amount retracted.
I.e. G1 E-7 F100 would retract 7mm now at the end of a print.

I think that’s the easiest way to set it universally for every print.


Awesome this is exactly what I needed.


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