Cura having a stroke?

I had a print which doesn’t really have any square vertical edges for the seam to go so Cura positioned it randomly (in the preview) on one of the sides. When the piece printed it didn’t place the seam where it should have but instead it looks like it made small parts of the seam all over the place. It is not like it would be if the seam was set to random but just chunks, several bits together, of it scattered here and there. Will Cura do crazy things if it can’t rationalize a good slice.

My wife put together a 3D printer at the house over the weekend and could not get a print off it that looked anywhere decent. tried on a whim to slice something in PRUSA and came out almost 100% I was a little shocked blaming it entirely on Cura version 5. Something weird going on there, Anyone else sees the same thing? Over extrusion/Under extrusion, cannot stick to the bed.

Sliced it in PRUSA all problems went away. Granted it was a new printer for us (ender 3 Max) and a new slicer but the combo of them does not work well.

I have not had much trouble with Cura but occasionally it will do strange things.