Cura HELP Urgent

As i am printing my top and bottom layer, how Cura slices it and travels is very spotty. It’s skipping sections of a layer and then filling in…why? I have tried everything, if anyone has an answer please let me know. Reason this is a problem is because when it does that i get shiny spots and dull spots.

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In your top and bottom layer are there holes that it has to build walls around?

Also, it might help to know the filament and printer/printing info

Yes please see picture, filament is standard black PLA Diameter 1.75mm.

Printer is Anycubic Mega X 300300305 single extruder

yes I see. I think what’s happening is describes here in this prusaslicer page under the Monotonic heading

Cura, doesn’t have an equivalent to this. but if you go to the “top and bottom” setting in Cura you can try a pattern like concentric or zigzag it might play the light differently and make it more pleasing. Ironing would work for the top i’[m not sure there is ironing for the bottom or some equivalent. I’ve only played with these settings a little

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Thank you, i messed around with zigzag and concentric but no luck i guess cura has to put in monotonic

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I agree they totally do heh.

There’s really no way around this. Filament has the best finish when it’s laid out in a continuous, unbroken, track. The problem comes when there’s a hole to work around. When you hit the side of a hole, the only way to continue laying continuous filament is to double back away from the hole, but that leaves the other side of the hole undone. In the case of the example you posted, I’d suggest making the wall thickness larger such that the rings around the small holes expand to touch a nearby wall. That will limit, but not eliminate, the number of unfinished sections that have to be filled in later.