Cura Settings do not go back to default

Hi I have a Kywoo Tycoon. New to the hobby and set up the printer with the supplied Cura profile. Have had no issues printing, download stl, slice it and print. On my last print made some changes in the settings as suggested by the developer. When I went to do my next print those settings were still there. How do I get back to my original setup. I assumed that each new project that I would start Cura with the default settings. Thanks

Cura retains the last settings made.
You would have to save them as a profile to have the defaults show up or load in the defaults,

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Click on the profile you were using and select it, likely the option to discard current changes will pop up, click that, and you will be back to the default profile. You can’t modify and save the changes to the 4 default profiles, but if you make some changes to the default profiles, you can save the new settings as a new profile. That’s a feature I use a lot. I have a lot of profiles for a lot of different materials or specialized projects.

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When you make a setting change in Cura it places a circled arrow beside that setting. Clicking on the arrow will reset that setting back to default. Go through the list and click the arrows.

Another option is (if you didn’t turn it off). When you select a profile you should get an option to discard changes. Select “Discard Changes” and it will revert back to the default settings.

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Thanks all, will to a test print tomorrow based on your suggestions.