Cura settings for Mac

I have a troodon printer and its not recognized in the cura settings. Is there anyone that can give or help me with the settings as I can’t fine them anywhere. The files I have found are all for windows systems and I have a Mac. its the start g-code box and the end g-code box I need the info for and of course the extruder end and start g-codes.

@matt it is so frustrating when they claim it is mac compatible but then not providing any support or compatibility.

Ok so right click on CURA application in the app folder. Show package contents. Find the resources folder.

Do you have the files from the manufacturer? They are bundled with the manual for some reason.

I don’t know which you have the 400 or the 300 it doesn’t matter pick yours.

Place the Troodon_400mm.def.json (or 300) into the definitions folder
The Troodon_400mm_0.def.json goes into the extruders folder in the same directory resources.

Close the folders and open Cura
Menu / settings/ Printer - add printer
Non networked printer

Find VIVEDINO It should show the printer you selected from the file folders and Add it. You might need to select the name Cura can be flakey on a mac at times.

Open Cura Preferences/profiles and import then navigate to the Troodon 400mm.curaprofile file and you get a custom profile for it. sort of. It s a profile. but better than nothing I would start with it and work you way to other ones using it as a base.
I hope that helps. I tried on an older mac and older cura My m1 I don’t have cura loaded at all. I use Prusa slicer almost all the time now.

Thank you very much for your help and its great to find someone who knows what to do. It is great shame the companies don’t provide the same information you just did. I am 70 and love 3d printing. Its very easy to buy a machine but not that easy to get help when needed especially when using a Mac.
I have bought the troodon 300 as I was told its a good and easy machine to use. I hope this is right. I don’t understand what the codes all do or what they mean so any help I can get I need.
I thank you very much for getting me this far and hope now that I will be able to get printing.


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@matt I really hope that the troodon doesn’t end up biting you. Sorry couldn’t help myself. I look very very hard at the troodon. I have a Prusa and decided to wait until the big Prusa XL was released. I am happy to help as best I can there are not many Mac people here. personally I have never used a PC so doing a lot of deep dives in firmware isn’t really possible easily or practical. Prusa is nice Joseph Prusa is a Mac user so the software always works well.

Best of luck,