Cura setup for Canadian PLA+ and PETG+ filaments

IN the Cura material settings, I can’t seem to find listing for the “Canadian Made” PLA+ or PETG+ carbon fiber? Or use one of the other ones listed instead?
If it requires a custom setup then what might be the settings suggested for these filaments.
fyi, using an Creality Ender 3 NEO V2.

I have no idea what may be the generic settings but I always do a temp test and a speed test for filament.
My results for the Canadian PLA + is 205 degrees for the nozzle and 60 degrees bed . You should always do your own tests for your printer brand and model.

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I use 210 for light colored CM PLA like white and silver. And 200 for dark like black or red. 60 for bed in both cases. I don’t use PETG.

I agree with @sonic.cues to always do your own temp test to determine best settings for your printer.

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My CR-10 Smart Pro makes it hard to determine what temp and speed to use because it does great all the way to 150% speed and my temp test was fine from 190 to 230. I had to get real picky in order to come up with a temp and could not decern much difference for the speed test. I did check the speeds, temps etc. during the printing and they where what they needed to be at given layers. I print at 100% speed for everything. Very friendly printer. I did of course go through the whole printer and make all points rigid while still free to move. Nothing on my printer has loose movement and it shows in the performance. I also use the Sonic Pad and used the accelerometer for the vibration test.
CR-10 Smart Pro, not CR-10 S Pro or CR-10 Smart.

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