Darth Vader Helmet

Finished my Darth Vader helmet.

This has been on my list since I got my First printer . There are many different ways to finish it with paint but I went with A New hope before Lucas cuts and polishing. In the original cut you can clearly see the brush strokes in the paint so instead of using my air brush on it I used an old school paint brush. I gave it an awesome polish using Pledge Revie Floor polish applied with my air brush.

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that’s awsome, Love it.

Truly a nice job

You mention that you see brush strokes in the original helmet. Do you have a screenshot? I hadn’t noticed this.

And nice work on the helmet, is it comfortable? There is a YouTube guy that teaches you how to fit a helmet and scale it before you print. Helmets are super cool as a display piece.

Hi Mikeyxx the helmet is comfortable but it is a bit on the heavy side. I don’t think I would like to wear it for long amounts of time.

Here is a thread on painting Darth Vader ANH Helmet Paint Scheme | RPF Costume and Prop Maker Community (therpf.com)

Sorry i don’t have a pic you would have to watch the original on vhs to see it any of the dvds / blu rays out there will have been touched up so you cant see it .