Delamination ender 3 pro with microswiss hotend

I have delamination (vertical) with all my parts, In PETG and in PLA. I just order new PETG filaments and it did not change anything.
I try to adjust in Cura but there is not a big change in the result.
Can you tell me what could produce that problem:

Should I change:
-the nozzle
-the heat bloc.

  • heater cartridge

HI, @oligascon Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us, Happy to have you here.

Is there any chance you can post a pic of the symptom you are seeing, I have a couple of ideas off the top of my head but I don’t want to send you down a rabbit hole?

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@oligascon often an image is beyond helpful. I am assuming the layers are separating?

I would start with looking at temperature settings.

Is the prints warping on the bed?

If you have good adhesion, and no warping, I would either print a temperature tower. Or set your temps on the higher end of the range specified for your material.

Hi Jason,
Find attached 2 pictures of the delamination problem. Sorry for the pictures quality

Well that is not awesome. To me it appears from the photo that the wall with the delam is bowing as well is that true?

Have you run a temp tower? Is the part flat on the bottom?

I can’t see but if the edge lifts from the bed you can get weird gaps and things higher in the print. I have never seen a wall bow out unless the adhesion let go.

Have you trammed (leveled) the bed?

To add to what @kitedemon sees I find that with PETG if you get your number of walls and linewidth to be enough to fill the whole thickness of the side of a print like that it comes out better. if there is a tiny space between and the slicer doesn’t fill it properly it can get weak and crunchy

I have seen this issue before, I think it was Angus who made a video on the solution, Let me have a look, it’s a slicer setting that fixes it.

I found one from CHEP

Not specifically the one I was looking for, will look again later this evening but will post a couple of more that may help

Will update if I find the other video a little later

I have a good bed adhesion for PETG , I use a mix of sugar and water on my glass to make it stickers. It works very well the only problem is the finish is different on the bed side of the piece
I clean all the part of the micro swiss extrudor and the quality of the print his now nearly perfect.
Like Glenn say, I will try to make the wall without any infill to see if it makes a stronger part.
Thank you for your help

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