Delivery hell again UPS... 🥵

Ok not site feedback but OMG offer a alternative to UPS please.

Again UPS hell. I wish stores would say we ship with UPS. So I could avoid ordering from them. The last 3 orders issues.

They are a problem here for sure! I ship with them 3 times a week and they are dishonest about their problems too. We’ve settled on Purolator here for in-Canada shipping. Honestly, they’ve all had troubles. UPS and DHL are the worst by far, Fed-ex is quirky because the ground and air shipments are 2 different companies including different drivers. Can Par I haven’t tried here, Same as Dicom or Midland (found them too expensive and disinterested)


Interesting. I’d agree 100% with your analysis and I’d never use UPS or DHL if I had the choice and FedEx is definitely schizophrenic with the level of service you get.

Purolator is definitely the best for in Canada.

My only problem with Puro in the last year or so is inexplicably they stopped picking up in my location, so everything I ship out by them has to be dropped off, it’s not that bad because the pickups were late in the day anyway. They also haven’t been as expensive for me. There is no ground service with them from here but their express service is not that much more expensive than the other guys’ ground service. I’ve not gotten a US broker (I really should though) to use for customs so it’s really not worth using them for US shipments. The stuff for the EU goes DHL. US goes UPS/Fedex if the customer has an account to bill to and stuff for Taiwan goes UPS or DHL. We don’t ship to UK… ever

We often have customers keenly watching the tracking because they are repair parts, they are broke down but don’t want to pay extra freight if they feel they can squeeze a couple of days without their machine working. Things got tense with UPS there at the beginning of covid, the drivers were told not to scan the pick ups and planned to scan them at the warehouse (every time a package changes hands it needs to be scanned) but they got so busy and there was a week backlog of stored packages at one point and none of it was scanned or on the system, just sitting in trucks and sea cans. I don’t understand why as they already told everyone they stopped honoring their delivery guarantees, the only thing I can think of is someone didn’t want to show far they were behind. This caused me trouble because to those customers it looked like I didn’t ship their stuff, and calling UPS for them just affirmed that because they don’t know anything about packages not scanned into the system. The driver I have, who I know quite well, told me they cleared it up in the end by reorganizing the routes and putting more people on but they didn’t hire anyone local who knew the routes, and stuff by the truckloads of inbound was directed to completely wrong areas of the province. The drivers without paperwork cleared it up themselves by arranging exchanges among themselves where they would meet and exchange all the misdirected stuff. the only issue with that is, in trucking you can’t have un manifested cargo aboard your truck, it’s a huge nono. so all these drivers were on their own time (no insurance) carrying unmanifested cargo and I’m pretty sure it was all to keep somone from looking bad.

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I have a part coming and I chose the cheapest shipping (ups was half again more but is faster), two weeks but that doesn’t matter, from a company I don’t know. It was shipped but is coming by UPS? I’m not paying any more for it so I don’t care but sometimes I wonder.

I think they all have challenges. I also prefer Purolator, both personally and professionally. At work UPS will not ring the delivery bell so almost 100% of the time we have to go to the depot. On a couple of occasions I have used a different courier to go get the package from UPS and deliver it, because nobody was available.

Tomorrow my package is due and the bloody UPS web site will not let me log in (as per usual) to change the instructions. New account still can’t change password yes in I get but to get to the instructions you need to log in and out I go and can’t get back in. Contact support, sure oh you need to log in… around and around we go. I am certain it will end back at the store by me.

It smells of spicy food, rotten something with an under tone of cat urine, if you just want to pick up a package you have to wait in line, no problem, when they see it is just UPS you get to stand to the side and wait until all the people buying things are done, oh but more keep coming so you get to wait until a lull, I have been waiting over an hour until nobody else comes in. I discovered you need to buy something to get your package.

All in all it is a terrible experience and it ALWAYS is. All the other carriers I deal with (3-4 a week) are usually decent with spots of brilliance and times of frustration. UPS is always frustration. I don’t remember the last good experience or even OK. It is at the point where I am checking who the carrier is and it changes my purchasing choices.

I am so glad I persevered and asked UPS to drop the package at the side door! Otherwise they might have left it in the middle of the driveway. I life in a great neighborhood and we look out for each other so if that happened a neighbor would likely collect it and leave a note.

Wait. That is exactly what happened.

They are using subcontractors now I had one here today. Ill bet they never got out of the truck and threw it on the driveway like a pack of fliers

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At least it didn’t come mangled like the last one. I still have issues with some of the last order the spools got crushed and it jams the filament.