Designing my own Printer in Toronto

Hey Folks,

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, I’m working at designing and building my own printer from the various parts I’ve collected over the years.

I’m just finishing off the base and I’m working on the gantry (I’ll be using the Micro Swiss Ender 3 replacement for the extruder/hot end) right now.

My experience with printers includes:

  • Prusa i3
  • Zortrax M200 and Inventure
  • Two Trees Sapphire Plus

Hopefully I’ll have some good news in the coming days/weeks.



Hi Mike Welcome to the Forum, Glad you found us.

I have just created the Make your own printer subsection, Make use all you can and others will join. If you have an issue anywhere along the way let us know and one of us can help you out for sure.

Post pics of your printer would love to see it

Thanx Jason - I’ll see about putting together some images of the table and the work done there in a day or so.

Keep well and safe!