Developing a new printer design - what’s one thing missing from/can be improved with 3d printers

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I like the lack of proprietary I thing more than the idea, But I do like both.

Without a significant amount of “proprietary” you won’t get innovation and new companies won’t get into the business.

I get what you’re saying, you want a printer to use as many “standard” parts (many of which really started as being “proprietary” but different parts were replicated to provide cheaper replacement options) as possible but if you want something new (like a 5 axes printer) you’re going to have to accept that the manufacturer’s will have as many custom/proprietary/trademarked parts as they feel that they can get away with to ensure ongoing revenue streams.

If you take a look at the top 3D printing companies by revenue:

You don’t see any that provide consumer grade printers and probably the only company on this list that will be recognized by the people here is Ultimaker, who provide the Cura slicing software.

I know that 3D Printing Canada, as well as most people on this list, will want inexpensive printers that use inexpensive standard parts available from a variety of sources but the reality of it is if you want innovation, you’re going to get “proprietary” to pay for it.

That is an excellent point.

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I am personally shocked at how many of that list I have never heard of.

Commercial 3D printers is a whole other world.

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