Diagnose this please

So im trying to print a couple parts and I keep coming up with some errors. The first is thinparts turning spongy

The second is that my outer layers are delaminating

And alot of stringing.

Help a newbie out I’m getting frustrated.

There are others here much more experienced than me, but I would look at retraction settings for the stringing, and the rest look like under extrusion. Maybe confirm the extrusion with a 100mm test and a hollow block test…

For figuring out stringing I like to use this print: Ultrafast and economical stringing test by s3sebastian - Thingiverse

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The gaps and de-lamination usually a sign of under-extrusion. You should be extruding enough filament that when it comes out, it hits the layer below and spreads sideways to contact the filament beside it.

If you haven’t yet done it, you should follow this guide from start to finish:

So I was under extruding by about 10.1 mm. Fixed the esteps, now I’m on to the stringing. Dimensionally my xyz cubes come out pretty good. I found I really had to loosen my extruder badly as well. Even with the adjustment screw all the way back, I found post on another site about backing the lever pivot screw out a bit. That seemed to do the trick. No more filament squish in the wheels

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Ha! Noice!! I love a win!!!

I don’t think he’s under extruding if anything he might be overextruding are starting to get microplogs Bowden tube could be coming unceded from the nozzle

you should keep an eye on it cuz if it was printing fine before and now you’re East steps are off. that’s normally the sign of a micro plug starting and your Bowden tube coming unseated from the nozzle happens all the time with that type of setup

also take a look at your heater block see if any filament is starting to come out onto the top of it this can turn into a big explosion if you don’t keep an eye on it. it’s very typical of push fittings with Bowden tube to nozzle type printers there are all metal upgrades that get rid of this problem I’ve seen things like this before new bumping your e steps up might just help it get through for now but if it starts to get worse you definitely need to address it before it becomes a major issue. also make sure you leave the push fitting a quarter turn loose when you reset the Bowden tube to the nozzle then put the push fitting clip back in then tighten down the push fitting so it heat seats the nozzle and Bowden tube. I see this all the time in the shop creality does do that with their e-steps a little bit under it’s normal

I printer a cube test and my prints have cleaned up immensely, and yes I was concerned of a clog and took apart my hot end to check, and assembled according to some tutorial videos.
I think the biggest issue was the extruder deforming the filament. I had some deep tread marks