Difference in print quality

If I print an object and it comes out good (.2 layer lines .4 nozzle) the lines are nice and even but visible, no artifacts and if I print the same file in vise mode it comes out beautiful. Layer lines are almost nonexistent, smooth finish. What changed to affect the finish. Is it the internal structure etc. affecting the outside of the print or the way it prints between regular to vase mode??? Is the slicing of the model different?

I wonder if all your axis components are tight with no backlash? vase mode moves everything in one direction from beginning to end and any reversing on any one axis will be canceled out because it starts and stops in the same places. it doesn’t go from spraying infill to then making a wall so it is more continuous motion and one layer to the next is only slightly different in pattern as it gradually changes for the Z-axis

I just finished a new print, just after the last vase mode print and it has a very good finish, nice even lines no artifacts etc. (in all respects an excellent print) but vase mode makes the print, for the lack of a better term, a much finer finish.

I didn’t think about it reversing the print direction. That would explain the difference, it doesn’t track back on the exact same line position so it ends up with a very fine difference in the layer lines.


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