Direct Drive for CR10s proV2 but different auto leveler (not Bl touch)

So I want to do the micro swiss direct drive for the Cr10s pro v2 that I own, however I cant find a shroud all the ones I have found use a bl touch and mine came with the cylindrical sensor (the name escapes me at the moment) any ideas on where I might find a shroud for it?

Start with:

and if you can’t find what you’re looking for you’ll probably have to design your own.

I have the Micro Swiss CR10 direct drive on one of my printers and I had to design my own mount for the BL Touch because I couldn’t find any online that had the correct geometry.

Good luck!

Hi @Dreadzly

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Couple of options for you is the use of the Petsfang, Little complicated to figure out which pieces you need but it’s pretty flexible.

Another option is the Satsana which is the one we usually use in-house. It has options for different-sized fans and it does have an induction sensor somewhere cause I printed it accidentally a while ago.

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