Discord-Like Chat Room/ Channel?

Was just wondering if a channel here on this forum, a live text chat, like Discord, or an actual breakout simple Discord server would be of use or interest for less formal interaction than post-&-reply.

Personally, I"m not in favour of it. I like the Post/Reply format because it allows everyone to learn from people’s experiences, even if it’s not relevant to them at that moment. Having said that, perhaps Discord stores chat sessions; I’ve never used it.

Yeah that’s a fair point. The chat is all still there, it could just be 700 scrolls up to find it, if you don’t know what you’re searching for.

Hey @mobiobi

I like that thought process but trying to keep it a searchable format that we can use as a resource to look up old issues should they raise there ugly heads again… :slight_smile:

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