Do I need to change / update firmware?

Hi. I’ve ordered the Microswiss direct drive and hot end for the CR10s ProV2 as well as a replacement BL touch. I saw the video (INSTALLING A MICRO SWISS DIRECT DRIVE ON CR-10S PRO V2 - YouTube) 3dprint Canada released, and it looks pretty easy, until you get to the section on firmware…

  1. do you need to flash the firmware? (why)
  2. if needed - is there a MAC version of visual studio? [YES, found it - A subscription is required? what is an alternate?]
  3. Community firmware? Marlin? vs TinyMachines? I get lost. Is there a step-by-step on this for dummies?

I don’t know about the hotend but the BL Touch might need it. Depends on if it came with firmware for a BL Touch or not.