Do you find leveling a challenge on your Creality Ender 3?

Not sure if you know this but most Creality Ender 3’s ship with the silver springs which are not very good for adjusting.

I recommend picking up the yellow bed springs first as an inexpensive option to leveling your bed.

Official Creality Pressure Heatbed Spring (Qty 4)

Adding a BLTouch would be the second option solution to longer-term stable leveling:

Official Creality BLTouch Auto-Bed Leveling Sensor Kit


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Have you compared springs vs silicone?

I’m waiting on some silicone bed dampeners, and going to see if it makes much of a difference as the thermal expansion should be negligible.

I had an issue with the front right levelling wheel vibrating off during a print, very frustrating, I tried a few things to try and keep the levelling wheels from moving but nothing worked until I purchased the upgraded springs, I haven’t had an issue since. I also added a BLTouch kit as well.

Both these items are well worth the investment IMHO


The heavier “Yellow” springs are one of the best upgrades you can do in my opinion. It takes all the worry of bed instability out of the equation. I also have the billet aluminum adjuster wheels but they aren’t really needed. But they do look nice.
I have a BL touch mounted, but not wired or otherwise installed because I found that with the spring upgrade, I didn’t really need it as my bed wasn’t changing between prints anymore.

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I bought the yellow springs but still haven’t installed them as the prints have been coming out better now. The big mistake I think I was making was leveling before the bed was heated. Once I started doing leveling after the bed was heated the leveling was easier and the prints came out better. The other thing I learned was for small items I needed to use a brim or a raft so that they had enough surface area to “stick well”. The next thing is likely some type of “locknut” so once I have it level it doesn’t shift … I guess this is all part of the learning process…but if there is 1 major thing that would turn this from frustration for many to a simple turnkey solution would be a way to automate the leveling.

I finally upgraded to the yellow springs but prior to that was planning on moving my Z limit switch so that the original springs were more compressed. If they are almost at full extension they don’t hold their position well. Might be something for you to try without spending money.
I anticipate, based on other’s experience, that a BL touch is not needed with the heavier springs.

I picked up the yellow springs and a BL Touch. I have yet to use the latter, but installed the springs right away. I have to say… I have not found much of a difference. I still have to level in between every print. Doing bed level tests seems pointless to me as the adjustments won’t be relative to my original leveling. Maybe I need to tighten it down and lower the z limit a bit now that I read @gerritv’s post. I thought that it had improved a bit at least but having used it for a bit now, I feel like that’s not the case.

I wanted to try to get the printer working as best as I could prior to trying the BL Touch as so many ppl seem to struggle with getting it set up. I wanted to try to eliminate as many variables as I could ahead of the installation.

How close together are the coils on each spring? If there is a large gap, then you need to lower the Z limit switch, after compressing the springs further.
Can you add a photo so we can see what it looks like? My yellow springs are almost fully compressed.

Start with the yellow bed springs 3/4 compressed, heat the bed to 60 degrees, then adjust your z-endstop until your nozzle is close to the bed and adjust level from there.

Looking at them, they may be extended too far for sure. I will try tightening them down this weekend. If it doesn’t work I can send a pic.

I will try this on the weekend! Thanks for the tip.