Does my printer need an enclosure?

Generally no. But if you are printing ABS filament, then it is highly recommended that you use an enclosure. The fumes that emit are toxic. Further more, while printing ABS, any sort of disturbance such as a breeze can cause the printed filament to shrink and cause layer separation. An enclosure would protect the printed filament.

Depending on what material you are printing with, I say an enclosure is necessary, especially for TPU/E, PETG, and ABS. With the enclosure I find I get less warping, better bed adhesion, and more consistent printing.

Other upsides are sound suppression, odor containment, overhead space for LED lighting and accessories, to name a few.

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When printing ABS in an enclosure does it need to be heated or is the print bed enough to heat the enclosure? I have been planning on building one soon!

The enclosure itself does not need to be heated, the enclosure is needed to prevent any change in ambient temperature!

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J’utilise une couverture thermique en feuille de Mylar (12,30$ sur Amazon) pour imprimer le PETG avec mon imprimante Anycubic Chiron . Je la dépose sur la machine et je ferme les ouvertures aves des trombones à papier, cela recouvre tout, même la bobine de filament et ça maintient bien la température. Le lit chauffant est à 80 degrés donc la couverture thermique gonfle avec la chaleur et ça fait comme une tente. Il n’y a rien qui cloche après plus de 600 heures d’impression!

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Honestly I just made mine from some 1/4 plywood, some 1x2 and some plexi glass, and a 4$ under counter led set from princess auto.

The most expensive part was the plexi glass at 25$.

Then I went nuts and bought activated carbon filters and wired up a fan to vent any fumes through, added some 3/4 plywood shelves for materials, some wheels, a lock etc…
Its a pretty slippery slope lol

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I have one for my printer even though I only typically print with PLA. The reason being is that I find my drafty basement can affect the quality of prints. If you have your heating/cooling blowing in or around the area of your printer, you might find the print quality can be off nominal.

@smauthe I have the same situation here, Its a kind of finished basement but not finished enough where I have no drafts., its really a bit of a nightmare for printing,.

Comme je le mentionnais plus haut dans la conversation, j’utilise une couverture thermique en Mylar.

Je pense que cela économise un peu d’électricité, la température reste constante sous la couverture. Je vais m’en servir aussi pour assécher le filament. Je règle la température du plateau à 60 degrés celcius, je place la bobine à assécher sur le plateau et je mets la couverture thermique par dessus.
Je pense que c’est un bon investissement :wink:
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Mine has an enclosure because its right near a window AND a furnace vent, and for some reason my wife refuses to leave the windows closed even in February

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