Does this look like under extrusion?

I opened up my colour changing pla i bought off amazon. Ive had 2 rolls that were pretty good, and got this one on a seperate order. When i went to open it up today i noticed it was a darker purple than the others that i recalled. I did a temp tower with no issues. Started a box for a puzzle and i dont think its a bed issue.

Does this look like under extrusion or does it look like i have a clog? Ive only printed pla with my printer and this was at 210°C and at 97% flow rate, 50mms.

Brands of filament can make some difference in setting so for me on my Ender 3 Pro I set ESun PLA at 195, bed 60, 100% at 50mm/s
The PLA+ I set at 210, and the rest is at same as PLA.
I prefer the glass bed but I still use the magnetic plate I find PLA stick very well maybe to well to the mag plate.

If you have calipers, check the filament diameter and make sure it’s really a consistent 1.75mm.

looks to me like you’re too close to the bed trying your Z level try the print again if it continues to do it it’s time to examine the hot end and see if you have heat creep at all