DOH! moment of the week

I started a new print today and after a few minutes I returned to the printer to see if the first layer was going down OK and I couldn’t see anything on the print surface. Immediate fear was a jamb and the nozzle was plugged so nothing printed but then it came to me. I was printing clear PLA on a glass bed, almost invisible. DOOOOOHHHH!


Lmao. Sound like a good senior moment.

What clear filament are you using? I have been looking for a good clear one.


It prints clear but you see layer lines.

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I feel your pain. I’ve done that myself a time or two :slightly_smiling_face:

I am also looking for clear that is clear ish. I tried the IIID Max crystal I found it to be slightly yellow. I have 4 rolls but 3 have damaged sides and that makes it jam. they made it right but I came away with a dislike for the spider web spool holders.