Downgrade Firmware

Is there anyway I can downgrade a firmware?

I update my mega 2560 board but silly me, I didn’t read carefully about the update.
The update is for machine that will be added a dual extruder nozzle, but I didn’t want it that way. I thought it was an update but this firmware is for upgrade.

I tried loading it again to firmware 2.0 again and no luck.

Printer: Atom 2.0
Company: Layer-One (Atom 3DP)
Arduino firmware was use for 2.5

Not sure if it will work with that printer, but if the firmware was named xxxx2.0xxx try to change the name to xxxx2.Axxx or something like that. a name the printer has never seen before.

Ohhh, will try that and that make sense too.
Thank You !!!

In a worst case if its looking at the create date on the file you can change that as well and the printer will “think” its newer when its actually not.

Thank you guys!!!
Will update this on the weekend.