Dragon chess set

just few more pieces and this will be complete! printed on my Original Prusa I3 MK3S


Nicely done! I have to wonder, though, if the wings are going to knock over adjacent pieces as you play? Your king looks like it’s taking up a square and a quarter.

LOL… i know! it’s huge!!! but my nephew asked for a Dragon chess set… and i found/paid for the STL files. no scaling of the file.

Very nice! I like the silk colours.

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thanks!! i love the colours too!!

Really nice project. Can you provide the link where you purchased the 3D models. I have just finished star wars chess set and will start painting over the weekend

That’s a very nice job!

here are the links for the files i used.






thanks! i’m very happy with how they came out

Thank you for the links, I will download and make this project.

my pleasure… but be warned… the knight is a difficult one to print… every time i have tried, it has failed… this is the only one that needs supports (for me)… if you are successful, let me know how you did it. :slight_smile: