Dremel 3D45 with MG chemicals blk PETG support adhesion problems

Need some advise. My work’s 3D45 with black MG Chemicals PETG.
In October the Nozzle Assemble started leaking. Bought a replacement and it worked ok for a few weeks then somehow it’s heat sink got clogged with melted filament. Used a drill press with a .069" drill to remove the clog. Did many small pieces under 3 inches ok.

Then on a larger piece I can’t get proper adhesion. Using zig zig Support pattern with brim, warping pull the brim and support apart. Tried Raft and support still separated from the raft… Then tried grid support pattern and still had warping. Done the piece before many times successfully but drive me crazy for a week now.

Tried changing temps on nozzle 240-250C, Glass 70-80C and slowing down first 5 layers to 30mms.

Support rotated around the hollow column too.
Previous print.


I don’t know anything about your printer but that is the exact problem I had with mine. I changed filament rolls and the problem went away. Don’t no why.

Tried another roll of the same filament with same results. I too thought it might be a bad batch.

Do you have a different brand or type you can try.

The first layer looks ok, maybe a little under extruded. I’d try drying the filament, it looks like the results I get with wet filament. but it also looks a little under-extruded the strands shouldn’t fray like that, they should be stuck together on the sides too. There should be a way on that machine to reset the E-steps. I don’t have a glass bed but for PETG on glass, it’s a good idea to use glue stick.

Definitely don’t print PETG directly on glass.