Dry print box for my printer

Here’s a dry-print box I made. Holds 2x 1kg spools or 1x 2kg spool, two windows to see into, and a desiccant tray at the bottom.

Printed in PC - took 29 hours for the box and 19 for the lid.

Yes, that is my cat doing a quality inspection…


Actually, I wouldn’t have noticed the cat had you not pointed it out :crazy_face:

What printer did you do this on?

On the Modix Big 60. Fantastic printer with 600x600x600 build volume. Built like a tank!

@ElrinV That is a VERY important Step!!!

If it’s not Cat approved is no going to work!

That build volume has me drooling ahahaha :drooling_face::heart_eyes:
The Big 60 looks like such a cool machine.

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I store alot of filament in some air tight tupperware, got the idea from this video. They use the same ones for their dry box.

You can get them at Wallmart.