Dual and Tri color filament

I am looking at TECSONAR Silk Dual Color PLA Filament Coextrusion Filament Multicolor 3D Printer Filament or their tri color filament for a client. The client wants a varied background for a dozen plaques. Does anyone have experience with these filaments?


I do not however notice that @TECSONAR does post in our vendor section.

He’s responsive if you want to reach out to him and ask any questions.

Thanks Jason I’ll check there.


Truly appreciate your ongoing help @Jason Hope your day is going wonderfully

@AJ-3D Jim, thank you so much for your interest in TECSONAR’s multicolor filaments. To get in touch with us, please feel free to send an email to tecsonarus@gmail.com or contact us on Twitter @tecsonar3d Have a great day