Dual head 3D printer


I’ve been looking around and trying to find something that will print mirror mode like the Flashforge creator pro. I would like something with a bit more build space. even if it is a Ender 3 or 5 kit that would add the capabilities looking for some more production out of 1 unit if possible. Link below is of the Flashforge, not specific to any brand as of right now. just looking for something that parts can be bought for in Canada.


Hello Wowzer893,

That is the I.D.EX. model. Independent Dual EXtruders
Have you looked at the ViveDino T-Rex?
I’ve heard that those that have replaced their top half of the extruder with BondTech BMG drives gets rid of like 80% of the bugs with that printer.

Remaining 20% is the AC bed wires and the Ball lead screws top bearings

that I.D.E.X is a sweet unit but i guess i should have said trying to stay under $1500

Any idea where to get that ViveDine in North America only finding it overseas.

IDEX is a good concept but in theory it takes a good amount of dialing in to get it right.

If you are interested in multi-colour or material I recommend a Mosaic Palette to do the job.

Check them out here: https://www.mosaicmfg.com/

Or this cool video:

Yeah i was looking at that. really cool concept and I think with some prints a HIPS would come into good use. but i am looking for a kit or printer with Dual hot ends, that can print in mirror mode to up productivaty on parts.

3d printers bay is slow to ship but super cheap last time i was on there they had some vivedinos