Dual Z Axis Upgrade

I’m planning on adding a direct extruder to mine, so this is the first step before doing the upgrade.


Putting a direct drive on an Ender 3 can cause problems in the axis because of the increased weight of the print head. It is recommended to add a Z axis upgrade to your printer for this reason. I do not have a direct drive but I did do the z axis upgrade and it did improve the quality of my prints especially the higher the print goes. After an ABL this is the best upgrade you can do IMO (I’m not humble).

P.S. there are pluses and minus’s to going to a direct drive, worth some research.

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I personally have found the regular bowden tube setup to be great, but I’ve found that a lot of people want to do this upgrade, hence the video. I used to print a lot of my mechanical parts in TPU and for those a direct drive was great, however anything that was rigid I found the regular Bowden tube setup to be best.

The Z axis upgrade is a good thing even without a direct drive. It keeps the gantry level.