Dual Z Lead screw for Ender 3, 3Pro, CR-20 Pro

Hi all,
As anyone added a 2nd Z lead screw on your Ender printer? I have an Ender 3 Max and I am thinking of it.
I will need a longer lead screw then the one in the kit.

I added one to mine. Did the led screw but not with a second motor just running a belt across the top to connect them. Might add a second stepper in the future. I’ll see how well it does the way it is.

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It’s a good idea. Creality was stupid to make the 3 max single z.

That was for keeping the cost down. From what I read, most people are ok with only one Z axis.

Creality originally made the CR10 with 1 Z and found out that wasn’t a smart move hence the CR10s with dual z.

Very interesting, however the kit with the stepping motor is only CND $44 on Amazon.

How is the 2nd motor driven?

I believe a parallel connection with the Z driver (possibly overloading it!)