Dynasty 3D printer - a cool Voron-inspired design?

Check out the Dynasty 3d printer which is a nice looking machine and a heavily modified voron-inspired machine.

The cad files and plans are all open source on GitHub: GitHub - Icarus3D/Dynasty-3D-Printer: CoreXY 3D Printer Large Format DIY

Here is a blurb from the creator:

After having modified my printers a lot and tested several DIY printer kits like Voron and BLV MGN Cube, I wanted a printer that totally met my needs. I saw printers on the market that could correspond to my needs by modifying them. But I decided to challenge myself by developing my own printer. After several months of work, here is the result. This project was originally intended to be personal only, but I thought that making the files open source might motivate other people to start developing their own 3D printer.

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What do you think of the Dynasty?

Nicely done.

Looks like it was a lot of work but definitely worth it.

Could we see some prints from this?

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I wish we could take credit for this one but this one is just one we found online and wanted to repost. Some nice ideas in it though.