E3D Discontinuing Classics

What are your thoughts on E3D discontinuing some of their classics?

Do you think this is a bit premature considering the E3D Revo is relatively new and hasn’t had enough market adoption to justify axing the classic-series E3D products which are tried, tested and true?

Let me know your thoughts!


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I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for E3D they are in a market where their designs are copied so often the clones are bought as if they are genuine. The clones are often bad but some are good. I am not concerned at all, most of the products are cloned so often I bet there are many users here that have never used the genuine article, in favor of the clones. There are more clones made that the real ones so they are still going to be avaliable in vast numbers. I do need to pick up an E3D xnozzle volcano however!

maybe it’s more of a way to tell if it’s a clone or not, If E3D doesn’t make it and you just bought it brand new, It’s a clone? just a thought

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Interesting it is also curious that E3D sells to China it might be a way to tell which ‘clones’ are actually not clones but the real deal re labeled.