E3d v6 for cr10s pro cartridge and thermistor installation

Hi i got this e3d v6 for my cr10s pro and been struggling to install it. Looking allaround the web in reddit etc to find the answerd im looking for without any luck.

I want to install the thermistor on the breakout board but connectors does not fit, looks like its a SYP connector but im kinda looking i guess for some jst xh connectors but there seems to be lots of different jst xh 2 pins.

The worst part, is the heater cartridge cables wich end with round ferrules connector and i havent find any i fo on how to connect them. I thiught of splicing my original cartridge cBle buts getting some proper connectors seems a better idea.

Any help would be appreciated

Can you attach photos of the connectors?

E3d usually use a Molex Micro fit (2 or 3 depending on the part) . I believe you are right with the Jst xh. You could:

Remove the pins and put them into the JST from the molex.
You could make an adapter JST to molex
You might be able to buy ? an adapter…
Or use the way sidewinder does trim the connector and glue it into the board. (I would not suggest this even if manufacturers do it)

Ok in yellow is the e3d heater cartridge cable and in red original cr10s pro cartridge cable and connectors to the outbreak board

For the thermistor i coukd cut the original cable.connector or buy some jst xh (i think)

Thx i added 2 pics at my last reply

You can likely just put the jst xh 2.54mm (I think you are correct) on the end. I typically solder mine and crimp the pins but the ends you can likely just crimp as long as it doesn’t slide off.

E3d for whatever reason puts molex on everything. the sell bare wire heat carts, I don’t know if they sell a bare wire thermistor all I have seen is molex. In some ways it is easier to just pull the pins from the molex and fiddle with them into the JST. A plastic part transplant.

I have soldered connectors onto the bare wire blocks. I have never needed to change either my Prusa. The Sidewinder is such a mess from the factory I use the sidewinder thermistors because I don’t want to mess with it. I have put the JST on the heat carts however both on the leads and cut the wire to length and just put a connector on.

I might decide to pig tail the Prusa if I ever need to change it. So far so good.

Its gonna be my goto option if i doesnt find any suitabe connectors but so far i found nothing.

Iwill clip the original connectors from the original wire and solder everything on the new cables and ill cross finger that it will work…

I find it kinda ridiculus that a cie like e3d sell those without any kind of info about what to use to finish the cables

The bare ends fit the RAMBo boards. Prusa uses these direct into the board. It had set screws.

The molex I don’t exactly get but it is a way better connector than the jst. Easier to get off and more positive.

I am jaded. The sidewinder x1 as it was delivered to me was a fire hazard. I ended up re building most of it. My 700$ printer ended up in the 1400$ area plus labor… let’s not even think about that!

Im not sure the molex wil fit my board i could order some but all connectors look like some jst in my board.

Well thx for the replies ill make a move ine way or the other

No the molex will not fit. Yours is definitely a Jst