Editing resin gcode

im trying to do something like gcode editing to a sliced part for resin printing. but i found that the file formats used in resing slicing is not easly edited.
does some one tried to do this befor and have some advice on the slicer/file format/editing software?
just for reference im trying to lift the bed and pause mid layer and control the pixels in order to change tanks of resin

If you are able to read and understand the code any basic text editor will change it. Be very careful bad code can make a mess!

It might be better to edit the scrips in the slicer.

i tried a text editor but it dosnt support the CTB file that you get when slicing with chitubox.
i will look into the scripts option,do you have any specific slicer with this feature?
or a slicer that slice a file in a format that a text editor will be able to read?
any way thank you for the help

Oh, CBT I think Fusion 360 or autocad. I am unsure how much data it contains, I have only seen them used on a plotter. I don’t have a resin printer. Sorry that is not very helpful