Either prints stringy, drags, or not at all

I have an Crealty ender V2. The nozzle temperature is set to the default of 200, and the bed set to 60. When I print, the print was coming out ‘stringy’, not at all, or the extruder was dragging the filament all over the bed. The bed was leveled at least a half dozen times, and I even increased temperature of the bed to 65 and the nozzle to 210 and when it prints, it still does the same thing. Now with that said, if I take off the blue knob while printing, squeeze the lever to where I put the filament into the hole to feed it, and push the filament in by hand, then it prints fine! Nice thick filament comes out and sticks properly. If I keep pushing that filament in the entire time, it would be printing perfectly. But if I let go, the filament stops coming out again, or the extruder drags it around, or it’s stringy again. Can anyone tell me why? I don’t think it matters but I am using Cura to do the slicing. I’ve even taken the filament out completely, and re-feed it back into the hose. Thank you

Do you have any pictures of the issue that you could provide us? I have an idea of what this could be but some pictures would help me verify.

Unfortunately there’s really nothing to take a picture of. It just drags along the base so all you’d see is a mess of filament. But again, if I push on the filament going through the hotend, it will come out ok as long as I keep pushing for a full print :wink:

Would you mind sending a picture anyways? As long as you are comfortable with it you might be surprised at how helpful it actually is!

Better yet, here’s a video:

Great thanks for that,

Based on the video I would be willing to wager a couple of things are going on, firstly, it looks as though your nozzle is a little bit too far above the bed, this is causing the print to not stick to the bed. You can adjust this by either moving the z-endstop up slightly, or by re-leveling your bed.

There may also be an issue with you extruder, there is fortunately an easy way to test this, from the end of the extruder you will want to measure and mark a spot at around 120mm, then you will want to heat up your hotend and extrude 100mm. After it is done extruding check and see how much filament is left, if there is 20mm left then you know that your extruder and hotend are functioning as usual. But, if there is more or less than 20mm then you can try recalibrating your esteps. I will link to a great guide below on how to recalibrate this.

If you try these and you are still not having any success let me know and we can try something else.

Well thank you for all of that help. I do appreciate it more than you can imagine. But I have figured out what the issue was. I actually had my nephew come over who uses printers more than me, but we did everything you have said and then he looked at my laptop. The whole issue with software. For some reason, the printer name changed and was printing as a different printer. It was even using the wrong filament. Once we had that set correctly, all we had to do is relevel the bed, and everything is running fine now. But I can’t thank you enough for all of your attempted efforts. You are a shining star

Glad you figured it out! If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.