Elagoo saturn 2 resin toxicity

Hi, first time poster here.

I’m a emerging artist who likes 3D form and I just got a Saturn 2 resin printer to help with my work.

I have a studio that I share with 2 other people, on the 6th floor of high rise building. The windows don’t open.

I was so excited to start printing stuff tomorrow, i’d watch a bunch of safty guides etc. I thought i could leave the door open or something. Today, a video came up on my recomended that talked about the toxicity of UV resin. It talked about the flaws of the included carbon filter included with my printer and the importance of ventilation etc. Im now scared to use my printer!

Now i don’t know what to do. I dont have many options of places to print. Does anyone have some advice? I was thinking of running buy a hardware shop tonight and maybe making a makeshift extraction fan? Will a mask be enough?

Here is the video I watched: https://youtu.be/fjhmXzvbyfA

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I used to print in a tiny apartment quiet a bit

While it’s definitely not great for your health, I didn’t notice any worrying health symptoms from printing in resin every so often.

But uhh… The smell… The smell of resin, then the wash in alcohol, then the cure. It’s awful.

Highly recommend ventilation for health/smell reasons.

Most Youtube 3d printer shows are concerned with getting the resin on your skin. They don’t talk about any vapour hazards.

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Oh on your skin for sure, gloves at all times. Period.
I just use those yellow kitchen gloves and throw em out after a while.

I even have a UV flashlight in the side to quickly cure any spilt resin, just in case.

Also, disposing of your wash liquid can get tricky, it should not go down the drain.

Tbh, it’s like working with most chemicals or in a lab. If you have the right PPE and procedure, you’ll be good :blush:

But yea, it also smells and isn’t great for your health.

Agreed, people always talk about the skin problems but vapor is never discussed. We do carry a Bofa filter for just this reason though. It will suck all the vapors out of the air and imprenate them in a carbon filter. We use out engraver and resin in the store all the time as we never have any odor.

Now I know its not a cheap option but it does work just as described.
There is another thread on here where bofa allows you to print all the options for the end of the hose and use it as just this a fume extractor.