Elegoo Mars 3 Pro running very warm

Recently received the Elegoo Mars 3 Pro and am very pleased with how quiet it is and the great print quality. What’s gotten my attention is how hot the thing gets when printing, it turns into a little space heater. My concern is that it’s going to cook itself in short order, even with running the light intensity at 80%. So, I need to ask; is this normal for this printer and has anyone else experienced the same thing?

Hey @chris.p can you comment on this?

I havent printed with the mars 3 pro so I dont have much experience troubleshooting them, however you may be able to up the light off delay in your slicer settings to let the light and driver cool down a little more between layers…

have you confirmed that the fans in the bottom of the machine are running, if it has them?


Hello Chris,
Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve increased the Burn In light off from 0 to 1 second and the Normal layers from .75 to 1 second. There is a cooling fan, and it is working. I’ll give these new settings a try and report back.